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Needed: A True World Bank Development Report on Gender Equality

Needed: A True World Bank Development Report on Gender Equality

The World Bank has published 32 reports since 1978 for 2012, "Gender Equality and Development” will be released in late 2011. Better late than never (gender equality was a Millennium Goal). There are voices who think early and independent evaluation of the report already indicates possible report missed opportunities.
An Independent Evaluation Group has highlighted challenges facing the World Bank’s effort on gender mainstreaming.  Among them (see also a recent Boell analysis):


The author of this article suggests that given this list of shortcomings, the WDR will most likely be a missed opportunity for the Bank.  It is certainly laudable, some would argue overdue, she further states,  that gender equality gets the serious consideration it deserves in the current international development discourse, and having a World Development Report exclusively focused on gender equality gives it yet another ‘stamp of approval’ of being an intrinsic development issue. Too bad that the World Bank is not using this occasion to accompany the academic exercise, whose recipients will be mostly found outside of the World Bank, internally with a serious reflection and reconsideration of the Bank’s own understanding of and approach to gender equality.  This would then really be an action-oriented WBDR (a World Bank Development Report) on gender equality.
W3BF will follow the publication of the Report later this year.

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