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Giving financial education and training  to women is not just a noble idea but a smart one especially for expanding banks and businesses in both established and New Markets. 

From funding and sustaining a banking and financial training unit for women within a government institute, bank trade association,  bank HR unit, to sponsoring the vocational education of a single individual, W3BF Donors can play a vital role in the economic development of a region, nation, or city and directly positively impact upon a women’s career.

For banks and other financial institutions long term benefits include facilitating the development a global mindset for your women managers and employees - focusing on global business - risk management, regulation, compliance, regulation, reporting, audit, sales and marketing, economics, strategy, political economy, and finance.

With sponsored membership in W3BF your firm will enable a network of women around the world to explore and test new and innovative ideas, products and services in the financial world for you and your clients, suppliers and partners.

One of the direct short-term benefits is the ability to instill this global mindset for the women within your various business units.


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