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Why join W3BF?

Members, Donors & Sponsors all agree: investing in international connectivity and financial education and training for women is just plain smart.

Membership levels to meet your needs

For Individuals

W3BF membership is an easy, free yet professional way of connecting to other women in banking and finance, keeping at the cutting-edge of regulatory and technical information and making business contacts with women active and experienced in the sector in both developed and emerging markets. It is a closed-network and more focused on banking and finance for women across all global markets. There is no 'inviting' or 'liking' or 'club' rules.

Membership includes:

For Banks and Corporations

Corporate Membership levels include a combination of 1-day conferences, seminars, workshops and multiple training courses for as few as 1:1 or 100 delegates at any one event anywhere worldwide. It also includes access to The Meeting Room.

Direct benefits include facilitating the developing a global mindset among its entry level, junior and middle management, technical and operations staff by hosting annual programmes of seminars, workshops and training for women (and men)  in their organisations or that of their clients..

This means  enabling and facilitating a focus on women in global banking and finance in the areas of retail, commercial and Islamic banking, risk management, ethics, internal audit, capital management, treasury management, regulatory compliance, legal, sales and marketing, economics, strategy, political economy, insurance and finance.

The goals are to develop a global network of women  as ready resources to explore and test new and innovative ideas, products and services as active global citizens contributing to the development and sustainability of the banking and financial economy. 

For Donors and Sponsors

Personal, association or corporate giving is already understood as a means of positive change. Alignment of shared ethical and business culture, values and objectives is critical.

A Safe Pair of Hands The key is finding the right organisation as a delivery partner, one with an established successful track record of financial training delivery; those experienced in the design and implementation of appropriate, robust and sound financial training programmes worldwide on micro and macro scales, in one financial centre or across multiple geographic regions including those least served.

Your donation or sponsorship is managed by experienced project and business managers with supervision by qualified ICAEW Chartered Accountants (ACA). W3BF is a not-for-profit company registered with Companies House in England and Wales. Surplus income to expenses is reinvested into delivery of the Scholarship Programmes.

Partner W3BF, with a focus on financial education for women, partners with Risk Reward Ltd UK, to deliver training worldwide. They are an award-winning provider of accredited training to UK and USA qualifications for nearly ten years, with more than 600 experts/trainers, 375 training courses and a client list of more than 300 top banks, regulators, institutes and trade associations throughout the UK/Europe, North America, Africa (Casablanca to Johannesburg), the Middle East (MENA/GCC), Asia (from Afghanistan to the Philippines) and global off-shore financial service centres.

Train-the-Trainer W3BF also offers Train-the-Trainer programmes which are an integral part of ensuring that sponsored or donated training continue to self-seed over time, accompanied by milestones for quality controls, regulatory and technical updates, case studies and exercises and training- skill refresher modules for special groups.

Women Among the most valuable tangible benefits are the professional, qualified and experienced women bankers, chartered accountants, bank internal auditors, insurers, regulators and risk specialists keen to be resources to other women of all levels of employment in banking and finance in emerging markets. Mentoring, coaching opportunities abound and free Question & Answer services between a training delegate and the expert/trainer are built-in to each training programme by design.

To make W3BF one of your delivery partners in global financial education for women please click here.

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