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Why W3BF?

Why W3BF?

Why W3BF?

Everyone is talking about women these days it seems.

But these events, journals, social networking and professional discussion groups are primarily in English and have their origins in North America and the UK/Western Europe and while there are websites and organisations promoting women in banking and finance outside these regions they are few and/or undeveloped.

Travelling throughout Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, when we asked women were they keen to make connections with others in their same profession to exchange ideas, learn and develop professionally and in many cases consider innovative and new business opportunities the answer was always ‘Yes, but how?’

So what do we know about women in banking and finance?

W3BF was created then to focus on these women (and the men around them) to develop this global mindset: to connect, learn and do business between and among the developed and emerging financial centres of the world from Casablanca to Shanghai, Johannesburg to Moscow, New York to Abu Dhabi, Sao Paolo to Mumbai.

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